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EASTM – no.34 Carla Nappi, The Monkey and the Inkpot: Natural History and Its Transformations in Early Modern China Details   PDF
Timothy H. Barrett
EASTM – no.41 Carol Benedict, Golden-Silk Smoke: A History of Tobacco in China, 1550-2010 Details   PDF
Thomas O. Höllmann
EASTM – no.20 Catherine Jami and Peter Engelfriet (eds.), Statecraft and Intellectual Renewal in Late Ming China. The Cross-Cultural Synthesis of Xu Guangqi (1562-1633) Details   PDF
Ina Asim
EASTM – no.43 Catherine Jami (ed.), “Mobilité Humaine et Circulation des Savoirs Techniques (XVIIe-XIXe Siècle)—Human Mobility and the Circulation of Technical Knowledge (17th-19th Centuries)” Details   PDF
Marta E. Hanson
EASTM – no.29 Cecilia Braghin (ed.), Chinese Glass: Archaeological Studies on the Uses and Social Context of Glass Artefacts from the Warring States to the Northern Song Period Details   PDF
Hui Li
EASTM – no.18 Changing Standards: Tracing Changes in Acu-moxa Therapy During the Transition from the Tang to the Song Dynasties Details   PDF
Asaf Goldschmidt
EASTM – no.34 Chao Yüan-ling, Medicine and Society in Late Imperial China: A Study of Physicians in Suzhou, 1600-1850 Details   PDF
Xiaoping Fang
EASTM – no.22 Chen Meidong 陳美东, Gu li xin tan 古历新探 (New Investigations of Ancient Astronomy) and Chen Meidong 陳美东, Zhongguo kexue jishu shi. Tianwenxue juan 中国科学技术史。天文学卷 (History of Chinese Science and Technology. Astronomy) Details   PDF
Nathan Sivin
Chinese Science – no.9 Cheng-Yih Chen (ed.), Science and Technology in Chinese Civilization Details   PDF
Nathan Sivin
Chinese Science – no.6 Chinese Researches in the History of Science and Technology, 1982 Details   PDF
Xezong Xi
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