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Chinese Science – no.10 Chinese versus Western Medicine: A History of their Relations in the Twentieth Century Details   PDF
Hongjun Zhao
Chinese Science – no.4 Christian and Chinese Visions of the World in the Seventeenth Century Details   PDF
Jacques Gernet
Chinese Science – no.15 Christian Daniels and Nicholas K. Menzies, Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 6, Biology and Biological Technology, Part 3: Agro-Industries and Forestry Details
Randall A. Dodgen
EASTM – no.35 Christine M. Du Bois, Chee-Beng Tan, and Sidney Mintz (eds.), The World of Soy Details   PDF
Jia-Chen Fu
EASTM – no.27 Christine Moll-Murata, Song Jianze and Hans Ulrich Vogel (eds.), Chinese Handicraft Regulations of the Qing Dynasty Details   PDF
Peter J. Golas
EASTM – no.17 Christoph Harbsmeier, Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 7, The Social Background, Part 1: Language and Logic in Traditional China Details   PDF
Nathan Sivin
EASTM – no.46 Christopher Cullen, The Foundations of Celestial Reckoning: Three Ancient Chinese Astronomical Systems Details   PDF
Daniel Patrick Morgan
Chinese Science – no.4 Chu K'o-chen, Chu K'o-chen wen chi 竺可楨文集 Details   PDF
Nathan Sivin
EASTM – no.24 Claudia von Collani (ed.), Joachim Bouvet S. J. Journal des voyages Details   PDF
Catherine Jami
EASTM – no.48 Consider the Qing Locust Abstract   PDF
David A. Bello
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